Welcome to Aton Forest

Aton Forest, Inc. was formed to preserve the lands assembled by Dr. Frank E. Egler as a Research Natural Area and to continue the low impact, long-term ecological research that he pioneered. The organization also maintains an archive of Dr. Egler ’s written material and library, and curates a portion of his house and furnishings as an informal museum. The aim is to preserve and continue the physical and intellectual legacy of our founder.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed!!!

A Fundraiser To Benefit Aton Forest
Sunday, June 2nd, 12:30 - 3:00 pm
Buffet Luncheon and Talk
St. Joseph Church Bitterman Center, 2 Daisy Hill Road, Canaan CT
A Northwestern Regional Student-Organized
"Kindness in Motion" Project 

Workshops Announced!

Go to our Workshops page and see all the upcoming workshops.

There will be programs on amphibians, birds, sedges, botany, landscaping, floodplain vegetation, asters, and mushrooms. Check it out!

Coming Soon

Secrets of Sedge Identification & Ecology

July 16 thru 17

Bill Moorhead will lead another Aton Forest Advanced Workshop. This plant identification workshop focuses on field identification, ecology, and indicator value of genus Carex, i.e. the “sedges”, the most diverse genus of vascular plants in Connecticut.  Considered by many a “cryptic” group, the sedges are actually a well-behaved taxonomic group with relatively little hybridization. The workshop will emphasize development of field identification skills. An evening lab session will be help in the evening of July 9th. We will begin at AF Hq and then carpool to various locations to see plants in their natural habitats. Check back for more information and to register. Co-sponsored with the Connecticut Botanical Society.

Please consider giving generously to keep the mission of Aton Forest alive. Thank you.